Puzzle Competition Weekend at our Romantic Maryland B&B

March 16th, 2019 mark your calendars!

It may sound a little old fashioned, but we absolutely love puzzles at our romantic Chestertown B&B.  It’s a  great alternative to a screen, and a good way to decompress.  More specifically, we love Artifact Puzzles, a super cool company that makes even cooler puzzles.  We have several on our shelf and our guests seem to enjoy them too.  A few guests have even gone home and ordered one or two for themselves.

A lot of folks ask about what people do in the winter months, when it’s a little slower… not everything is open….getting on the water is not an option…

We say:  PUZZLING!   Imagine a snowy day, a fire in the daytime, and a hot drink.  Maybe some fuzzy slippers and a cozy blanket.  Pick a puzzle off of the shelf and get started.  Artifact Puzzles are unique in their choices of subject matter, and in the way the puzzles are made.  They are made from wood, and the pieces are laser cut.  Each puzzle includes what are referred to as “whimsical” pieces: distinct shapes that echo the theme of the puzzle.  For example, an Alice in Wonderland themed puzzle includes individual pieces in the shape of a cat, a hare, or a tea-cup, among other things. So charming!

From Artifacts Puzzles’ website:

‘Founded in 2009 as an experiment in the economics of micro-manufacturing, Artifact Puzzles is a teeny-weeny artisanal puzzle company that designs, makes, and sells artsy laser-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles. Artsy indeed!  And we always love supporting small businesses. So, this March 16, 2019 we are holding a puzzle competition and the winners take home their very own Artifact puzzle!  See our specials page for all the details, and don’t forget – March 31st marks the end of fireplace season…come on down, up or over and enjoy a puzzle by the fire. It’s a truly unique way to spend a Saturday afternoon!!

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