Explore the Beauty of the 6 Best Gardens in Maryland

It’s no secret that the Eastern Shore is home to some of the most stunning gardens in Maryland and landscapes in the country. Close to city centers, mountains, riparian areas, and the Chester River, we feel lucky to be so close to so many natural wonders. The biodiversity around us is astonishing, featuring native trees, flowers, herbs, and more.


While you reset and relax on your Eastern Shore getaway, consider taking the time to stop and smell the roses — literally! So many gorgeous outdoor spaces hold some of the best gardens in Maryland right in our backyard. Here are some “can’t miss” gardens for you to stroll through during your next visit:

#1 Adkins Arboretum

Adkins Arboretum is a local favorite. Just 40 minutes down the road, this arboretum offers everything you could want from a garden experience. There are children’s centers, stunning hiking trails, sprawling gardens, guided tours, and a plant nursery.


Make sure to visit their “What’s in Bloom?” page to see what species will be in bloom during the month that you visit.

#2 Eastern Neck Bayscapes Butterfly Garden

Located in the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Rescue, the Bayscape Butterfly Garden Trail offers a short stroll through a unique and peaceful garden experience. While the blooms are beautiful, the pollinators make this trail so unique…such as the stunning zebra swallowtail butterfly! This wildlife rescue is well known for being a popular birdwatching destination. If that is not your thing, just know there are many other things to do and see.

#3 Longwood Gardens

As one of the premiere botanical gardens in the country, Longwood Gardens is worth the hour’s commute north. This horticultural wonder features some of the most beautiful plants worldwide.


Additionally, it is open all year long! Spring, summer, winter, fall — you name it. Each season is unique, with various fresh blooms displayed throughout the year.

white, red, yellow, and pink tulips in flower beds

#4 Kirwan Meditation Garden

Are you looking to stay a bit more local? This lovely garden is located on the Washington College campus and is the perfect place to walk from the Inn. During your stay, you can engage in some quiet, mindful meditation.


Are you already planning on going to one of Washington College’s beloved concert series shows? If so, take time beforehand to visit the Kirwan Meditation Garden and engage in some quiet, mindful meditation during your stay.

#5 Elk Neck Arboretum Area

Another lovely arboretum to check out, specifically for its onsite tree planting methods, is the Elk Neck Arboretum Area, located a short drive north of the Inn. This area is maintained as a meadow habitat ardently protected against invasive species. Elk Neck is a great place to observe many native plant species in one place. Plus, there are hikes and picnic tables just for the two of you!

#6 Our Own Backyard!

With 35 acres of pristine, relatively untouched land, Brampton Inn gives you the peace and tranquility of any garden experience. Sprawling acres of meadow and forest, large trees, fresh flowers, birds chirping, and crisp air…can’t you just picture it now?

A Space to Slow Down

We love to sit on the porch and listen to our new fountain’s slow, trickling water while enjoying the views of wisteria, peonies, and azaleas in bloom. We can’t forget about the beech tree, or the “wedding tree,” as we like to call it, and all of the dappled sunlight through the leaves that makes for beautiful photographs.


Now more than ever, we work hard to create green spaces of natural beauty where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

What’s Growing in Brampton’s Garden?

Our special little garden is one of our personal favorite projects. We pride ourselves on using all the fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown on-site in our chef-made dishes.


Next time you enjoy a gourmet meal at Brampton, note the fresh asparagus, eggplant, broccoli, lettuce, or other seasonal foods on your plate!

Book Your Relaxing Stay

Stop and smell the flowers (literally) this year with a tranquil tour of some of the best gardens in Maryland. Sleep peacefully in any of our charming garden cottages during your stay, and be sure to snap pictures of all of your favorite blooms!


Check availability now and book online. See you soon!


Published May 2024


Photo Credit: © animalinfo via canva.com

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