Fall Wine Tasting Special

As this particular August comes to an end, it’s hard to imagine that we even had a summer: the weather this year has been so unbelievably, and unseasonably, cool and pleasant, that it feels like fall already!  Yes, autumn is indeed just around the corner.

With almost every weekend in September and October booked already, we’d like to take a minute to remind folks of what a good idea it is to get away mid-week, or Sunday through Thursday.  We’ve blogged about that before, but it bears repeating:  there are lots of reasons to visit the Brampton during the week.

This fall, we’ve added yet another reason: Our September and October Local Winery Special: Stay two nights Sunday through Thursday and we will give you TWO tickets to TWO wine tastings and tours at our TWO local Kent County Maryland wineries.

We’ve blogged about the wineries before too, but if you didn’t know Maryland wine tasting existed, don’t worry, here’s a link that explains it all, including this map:

14 wineries on the Eastern Shore alone; now the trick is figuring out which one pairs best with steamed crabs. . .

Happy tasting!!

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is home to small but prize-winning wineries. We are happy to be able to offer our new September and October mid-week Special that includes two complimentary tickets for a wine tasting tour at each of these two local wineries.

Cassinelli Winery and Vineyards about 20 minutes South of Brampton.


Crow Farm and Vineyard about 20 minutes North of Brampton.

Enjoy this $36 saving, Sunday through Thursday. Must stay 2 nights.

For a complete list of wineries on the Eastern Shore click here.


Dine in Style! 

If you are looking for a unique dining experience, we have two amazing dining-series this season!

Check out Dining Under the Stars with Chef Kurt Peter starting May 2!


Gourmet Diner Club with chef Jordan Lloyd starting May 23!

Dining and entertainment experiences to remember! See our Specials page.

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