Great Photo Opportunities Abound at the Brampton!

Chestertown Maryland:  Big Sky Country??

That’s what it seems like sometimes. The blue sky goes on forever, with the green and gold fields keeping up the pace.  It really is so beautiful around our Chestertown bed and breakfast that something in nature is forever catching the eye.

It could be the rainbows on the dining room walls created by sunlight hitting the  crystals on the chandelier.  Or it might be the way the light is filtered through the leaves on the beech tree creating an almost supernatural glow on the folks getting married under it.

Even a thunder storm can be a thing of beauty, if you’re watching it from the safety and confines of our covered porch!

Birds of all kinds are always putting on a show, in competition with the fireflies’ display. Dragonflies and butterflies are flitting all over the place; so many different species we’ve lost count.

And honestly, when is the last time you saw a young praying mantis drinking out of a cat’s water bowl?  That was a first for us!

Not to be outdone, Squeaky the inn cat and his (not completely wild) sidekick  Soda Pop are often out and about pretending not to strike a pose.  How could you NOT take their picture?  Just wait until Halloween rolls around: how cool is it to have an orange AND a black cat to photograph!?!

We’ve posted so many photos of flowers over the years. . .peonies, hydrangeas of many kinds, lilies, tulips, poppies. Here’s our lovely state flower, the Black Eyed Susan, which is doing very well this year:

We could post pictures of flowers until the cows come home!  Oh wait. That reminds me.

This bucolic scene is just a short 2 mile walk or bike ride up the street from the inn.

So if photography is your thing, or if you just want to document your visit, you can be sure that there will be no deficit of photo ops while you’re here.

The end of summer is upon us and the light is truly amazing.  Come and join us at our Chestertown bed and breakfast in these remaining weeks, or plan your Maryland fall foliage getaway now.  Just don’t forget your camera!!