More Fall Weekend Fun!


This blog post is repetitive and will be belaboring this point:


Brampton Pumpkin Porch

Just last week we told you about 3 different options for an outing in one weekend.  Well, it’s happening again and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share it all with you here.

So many guests ask us if our lodging in Chestertown, MD is haunted…and our standard answer is “we don’t know”.  That’s the subject of another post, but if it interests you, then you might like to know that this Friday and Saturday, you’ll have the chance to tour downtown Chestertown on an official “Ghost Walk”.  Personally,  we think that the subjects of ghosts and hauntings should be relegated to the place of politics, sex, and religion when making small talk with our guests: that is, off-limits.  But don’t let us stop you from getting the scoop on the tour:  here is all the information you’ll need.

Next up is the always popular  artists’ Studio Tour put together by Chestertown RiverArts. On this self-guided tour, you can visit up to 60 different artists in their studios. With so many participating,  it’s very convenient to have a sampling of each at the RiverArts gallery in town: this way you can check them all out, see which ones you simply must see, then grab a map and go.  The tour takes place on Saturday and Sunday (both this coming weekend and again on November 2nd and 3rd); the gallery is open Friday and  Saturday.

Is music more your style?  This Saturday take a trip down memory lane at The Mainstay in Rock Hall with The Johnny Cash Experience, a tribute to the iconic performer. The Mainstay is itself an iconic venue, with mismatched chairs, church pews and great acoustics.

Still need more?  How about an old fashioned Oktoberfest celebration?  On Saturday you can join the fine folks at Colchester Farm for a pig roast, music, raffles, hayrides, and yes, beer.

That really is a lot to choose from for such a small community.  And we haven’t even mentioned the organ concert, the literary talks, the pumpkin baking contest…

Whew!  So this weekend if you find yourself at a loss for something to do while staying at our lodging in Chestertown, MD now you know where to find it:  come on down to the Land of Pleasant Living.


Dine in Style! 

If you are looking for a unique dining experience, we have two amazing dining-series this season!

Check out Dining Under the Stars with Chef Kurt Peter starting May 2!


Gourmet Diner Club with chef Jordan Lloyd starting May 23!

Dining and entertainment experiences to remember! See our Specials page.

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