Real Wood Fires :: Maryland Spring Break Getaway


Of course Mutts is my favorite comic!

Well, March has arrived like clockwork and typically, the weather is a mystery.  Today it’s sunny and windy and kind of warm, but in two days we might have some snow on the ground and/or gale force winds!  Not much of a surprise.  No matter what, if March comes in like a lion or a lamb really has no bearing on what we do here.  We build fires.  From November 1st until March 31st.  Real wood fires.  Most of the wood comes from right here on the grounds.  It’s a lot of work but it’s one of the things that makes a stay at the Brampton different and special.  Two out of our 13 rooms have gas fireplaces.  They are lovely, and their advantage is that you can just flip a switch and have a fire anytime.  In the morning for example.   With the real wood fires, we do ask that you burn them in the evening, which means that you can’t have a fire the next morning (the fire making elves have got to sleep sometime), but hey, it’s nice to  have something special to look forward to each day right?

March is also the quietest month of the year for us, and so this is the time when we offer our very best specials.  Our March Spring Break Special allows you to stay for 3 nights but only pay for two of them.  Weekends and our fabulous cottages included.  Who doesn’t need a mini-vacation right about now?

Oh and guess what? We don’t have cable television, so think of it as an opportunity to unplug and unwind.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few days off from the onslaught of detritus spewing from all the screens around you?  Take a break from reality AND the weather;  it can wait.   March 31st is the last day of fire season. So come visit us on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the land of pleasant living.

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