A Very Special Special: 1 Day Only!

This is  a good news/bad news post.  Let’s rip off the band aid and get the bad news out of the way:  We hate to tell you but, if you’ve come across this blog searching for something for Valentine’s Day, let’s face it: you’re in trouble.  Nothing like waiting until the very last minute…sheesh.

Now for the good news:  If you’re one of the two hundred thousand or so folks born on February 29, then the rest of this post is just for you!


….is…. a…. LEAP YEAR!!   An extra day to get everything done you’ve been meaning to do; after all,  it always feels like there’s just not enough time in the day.  Too bad 24 hours probably isn’t enough time, eh?

Wishful thinking?


Wouldn’t it be nice if every 4 years, everything just stopped and each and every person got the “extra” day for themselves:  to do whatever they wanted to do?  A national holiday; a mental health day for every woman, man and child. . . Yeah, yeah.  Fat chance right?  Ok then, what about those folks for whom February 29 really is a special day-like maybe a birthday?  Our very good news is that we have a very special rate for anyone born on 2/29 and wants to stay with us on their special birthday!

Had enough of the jokes about your age?  Tired of getting gifts and cards meant for children?  Exhausted about explaining how and when you celebrate?  We get it.

Come and stay with us.  We promise to take your birthday seriously.  We have rooms in the main house for the ridiculously low price of $129 (including taxes!).  You’ll get an amazing getaway along with our Romance Package thrown in for free!  Meet and mingle with your fellow leaplings.  Yes, there is a special name for you folks.  See the details here or give us a call. We’d love to help you celebrate.

Note: you will have to show us ID; we also take our specials seriously.  😉