Washington College Appoints First Female President

Hilary Clinton isn’t the only one making history as she continues her campaign to be our first female president . . .

Chestertown’s esteemed institution, Washington College (affectionately known as WAC to the locals) has already made history by appointing Sheila Bair as its first female president!  Ms. Bair has quite the resume having been the chairperson of the FDIC, as well as a member of its board of directors.  Twice, Forbes has named her one of the most powerful women in the world.  She has been an outspoken critic of Wall Street and has even written several books including one for young readers about the 2008 crash and recession. (It’s high on my list of reads, no matter the targeted age group!)

With such capable leadership, we are certain that WAC will continue to be one of the most highly regarded liberal arts schools in the nation, and a beacon of education, culture and entertainment that enhances the quality of life for the entire Chestertown community.

At the Brampton Inn, we enjoy hosting families looking at Washington College when they are researching schools; we tend to get attached to the families that return year after year when visiting their young scholars!  That’s bound to happen when folks return for moving in and out days, Fall Family Weekend, athletic events and more over the course of 4 years. AND, it’s such a nice bonus to have unique events to tell our guests about; we enjoy film series, literary readings, and world class musicians all thanks to the college.

So congratulations to Washington College on such a historic move, and welcome Ms. Sheila Bair to the land of pleasant living!

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