Fourth of July: Fireworks and Spicy Meatballs!!

This is a picture of a piece of paper, I (Rita speaking) have been carrying around for 7 years.  It’s yellow and stained and it should be in a plastic sleeve, but it isn’t. In the days before the internet, we ripped recipes out of magazines and newspapers, remember??   I find it especially hard to part with this bit of ephemera because I find the correction so amusing!  I was lucky enough to come across the corrected version first. But oh, those poor folks that read the Wednesday food section of the New York Times religiously:  some of them probably made the recipe with TWO ENTIRE CANS of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce!  And then, perhaps visited the emergency room?

These are seriously good.  I have made them with ground turkey and turkey bacon as well, and they are still delicious.  The mint is key ingredient.  You might not think so, but it is.  So if you try this recipe, please don’t skimp on the fresh mint!

Baking the meatballs instead of frying them cuts down on some of the fat.

Daniel Schwen via WikiCommons

Every year on the 4th of July, Danielle likes to serve up some Americana-type food at tea-time.  But because grilling burgers and dogs isn’t an option, we usually have some sort of mini hot dogs or tiny meatball sandwiches.  The traditional red, white and blue cobbler.

This year, it’s spicy meatballs!  But not too spicy…

With full bellies, our guests will be able to watch the fireworks from the edge of the property.  And the only traffic they’ll fight on the way back to their room will be the fireflies.

Happy Independence Day!

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