Microbrews at the Brampton

It’s no secret that we love eating and snacking around here.  The “endless cookie jars” are filled with Carole’s fabulous cookies and biscotti.  Our afternoon tea buffet is more than just a plate of sweets; we always have something savory on hand as well.  And the bountiful breakfasts: they speak for themselves.

Well, we like our libations too…During the summer months we always offer lemonade and iced tea.  After all, when it’s as hot as it has been lately, who can imagine sipping a hot tea out on the porch!?!  Now, we’re adding something new to the list.  Starting this summer, we will also be offering beer from local micro-breweries during our tea-time hour…

Move over iced tea and lemonade…The number of micro breweries on the Eastern Shore is quite large.  And not only do they have really cool labels, but the beer is world class!   We will  have a variety to share with you all summer long, including, but not limited to, the following:

Dogfish Head is likely the most well known of the beers we have at the moment.  The brewery  is based in Milton, Delaware and if you’ve been to Rehoboth Beach, you’ve may have eaten at their brewpub there.  They also have 3 “Ale Houses”; one in Maryland and 2 in Virginia.  Their very original brews are changing all the time, so we will probably always have something from Dogfish Head on hand.

One of the founders of Evolution Craft Brewing Company in Salisbury Maryland is a graduate of Chestertown’s  own Washington College.

The Flying Dog Brewery originated in Colorado but is now located in Frederick, Maryland and  has ties to Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman, as you may be able to see from the labels in the photo.

Fordham Brewing Company is over in Dover, Delaware and is named after Benjamin Fordham, who started the first brewery in a colony called Maryland  in 1703!

So if you think it’s not something you normally associate with a Maryland bed and breakfast stay, you may be right.  But you see, brewing and drinking beer has been around longer even than the Brampton Inn has.  We are just trying to give you an authentic experience !

Do you have a favorite local microbrew?  Let us know and maybe it will make it into the rotation.