Eastern Shore Garden Tour

The garden at Brampton Inn is our pride and joy! Our very own gardeners, Manick Burton and Geoff DeMeritt, have been working their magic here for years. Brampton Inn has gone from an Eastern Shore peach plantation in the 19th century to a dairy farm in the early 20th century to an award-winning B&B today. Brampton boasts an “informal cottage” landscape that offers a daily challenge for our gardeners. Not only do Manick and Geoff look after the old Boxwood, vegetables, trees, and lots of flowers, but they also experiment every day with new plantings. The garden at Brampton Inn is their canvas. You can experience it for yourself on our Eastern Shore Garden Tour!

Manick tending to the flowers in the garden at Brampton Inn
Manick has been looking after the garden at Brampton for 20 years!

Through September, every Monday and Wednesday at 11 am, Geoff or Manick will give our guests our signature Eastern Shore Garden Tour and answer questions.