Our Chestertown Inn has no idea what to do with all those tomatoes!

Our Chestertown inn tomato plants have been, and continue to be, prolific this year! It always seems that we have more than we know what to do with, but this year even more so. Luckily, the actual tomatoes have been delicious, and so we have been bombarding our guests with them at every chance we get. That means at breakfast time, there will most likely be at least a garnish of tomato on the plate, or perhaps the tomatoes will take over the savory option as in our ratatouille frittata with parmesan, or the three cheese omelet with fresh tomatoes.

But then there’s tea time at our Chestertown inn:

Even Carole’s Extremely Popular and Delicious Cheese Puffs are not immune:  here they are enhanced by an adorable half of a just picked cherry tomato.

Just try and stop Rita from making fresh tomato bruschetta, we dare you. (She’s from New Jersey, you know!)

Or fresh tomato pizza, for that matter.

Or how about fresh salsa? With peppers from the garden and a healthy dose of fresh cilantro, served with organic corn tortilla chips.

Here we have a take on a Nicoise Salad: chopped hard boiled egg, fresh tomatoes (do I have to keep saying “fresh”? probably not), capers, green olives and lettuce stuffed in a pita. Who needs tuna, anchovies, and haricot verts?

And again, the adorable little cherries with spiced cashews and crackers, as an accompaniment to brie cheese. How lovely.

But the most popular by far, the classic dish:  grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. These just flew off the plate, even though they were warm and it was in the 90’s outside.  Sometimes, the simplest things are the best.

The tomatoes continue to ripen. Say hi on Facebook and let us know what you’re doing with all your extras, if you have any!