Our August Special makes Romantic Getaways in Maryland Simple!

Generally we like to use the platform of our blog to talk about things to do in our area, or events that are taking place, etc.  We  try not to “promote” or “solicit” for business here.


the Chestertown MD B&B Special that is running for the rest of August 2012 is just too good not to blog (or brag?) about.

Here’s our Romantic Getaways in Maryland Made Simple: It’s our “4 for 2” Special: Stay 4 nights and pay for 2!!! Yes, 50% off. Yes, you must arrive on a Sunday or Monday, and No, you can’t pay for it with 3rd party gift certificates, but August is the time for summer vacations, right?

And it really is an incredible deal, for a few reasons:

1.  Everyone knows that 50% off is a good thing.

2. The porch, and Slipper (the cat), are beckoning you at our Chestertown bed and breakfast!

3. But a seriously good reason has to do with our membership in Select Registry (an association dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality for the hospitality industry, and for bed and breakfast inns specifically. Member inns are inspected, without notice, to ensure they meet these standards. So when you stay at one of these inns, you can be sure it will be of a certain, high caliber). The Select Registry loyalty program is quite good:  stay 12 nights at any Select Registry property (not all at the same time, necessarily!)  and receive a $100 gift certificate! All that is to say, if you stay with us for 4 nights, you are 1/3 of the way there! And don’t forget, you’ve only paid for 2 nights!!

4. If that’s not enough, by signing up with Select Registry you are automatically entered into the drawing for the “Vacation of a Lifetime”, where you can win a free night’s stay in 350 different Select Registry Properties!

5. Don’t you need to get away???

Anyway, there are 2 weeks left in August, and then the special is gone…

…hope to see you soon!