Our goal is to be as much “Garden, Farm and Chesapeake Bay” to plate as possible.

Waffles with fresh fruit at Brampton Inn


We aim to serve straightforward food with an emphasis on quality and simple artistry at our Maryland inn. In addition to using fresh fruit, berries and vegetables during the growing season from our own organic garden we shop at the many fruit and vegetable farm stands in our area and the Saturday farmer’s market in Chestertown.

A local meat and egg producer delivers sausage and fresh free-range eggs weekly to the Brampton. We are very fortunate to live so close to the Chesapeake Bay and love to integrate seafood to our breakfast and tea selections during the season.

We now offer a selection of wine for purchase. Check out our wine list. If you wish you can order ahead and it will be waiting in your room.

For a short period of time during the 19th century they grew peaches at Brampton Bed and Breakfast Inn until they were destroyed by a blight. In season no breakfast will be complete without that delicious fruit and you can look forward to something “peachy” every day of the week.

Please check out our food video on YouTube.