Save 25% on Extended Stays – Maryland Summer Getaway

For the last two weeks in July, and extending through the end of August, we have a new extended stay special to offer.  Stay Longer, Save More allows you to save up to 25% on an extended stay here at the Brampton.  As you might expect from it’s name, the more nights you stay, the higher the discount.  And like most of our specials, it’s valid Sunday through Thursday, for just about the rest of the summer!  Now there’s incentive to extend your stay just a bit longer to fit in just one more activity or day trip.  Or two.

Golf. Bike. Kayak. Nap. Swim. Eat. Drink. Read. Nap. Road trip to . . .Annapolis, Chesapeake City, Longwood Gardens & Winterthur, Dover Downs. Nap. See live music. Do a puzzle. Pick your own fruit. Eat ice cream. Nap. REPEAT! You get the idea.

Of course, we cannot emphasize strongly enough, just how pleasant it is to be able to plan on doing nothing.  Or at the very least, plan on not having a plan.  Just see what the day brings.  How often do you get that chance?  Not very, we’re guessing. So if you’re lucky  enough to have some time to get away , why not stretch your dollar and your calendar as far as they’ll go?  Book a longer stay with us, and save more money.  Spend it on dinner or decoys or just keep it in your pocket. It’s your choice.