Super Gardener to the rescue!!

Manick, our gardener extraordinaire, certainly had her work cut out for her this summer. Not only did she show up and work in the blistering heat, she never complained about it!! It must be her magic cape:

It’s really an old kitchen apron, but it worked to keep the hot sun off of her shoulders.

The other day, she reminded us about the grapes growing next to the house, just outside of our office entrance. They are climbing up the wall and practically into the kitchen! And they are ripening.

Danielle couldn’t resist picking a bunch and we all munched on them.

Another late summer harvest was our fresh ginger plant. This came about one day when Carole found an old piece of ginger in the fridge that was starting to sprout. Immediately we all wondered if we could plant it like a potato, so onto the internet we went. Yep, you can plant a ginger root in shallow soil, water it and give it unfiltered sunlight and this is what you get:

It’s a very pretty plant, and if you lightly touch the leaves you’ll smell the ginger on your fingers! After several weeks, we just couldn’t wait any longer and we pulled one up.

Isn’t it gorgeous? It has the usual sharp and spicy ginger taste, but it seemed soooo fresh!!! Danielle has already used it up in a marinade.

We hope all of you are enjoying this great September weather and whatever is on your late summer harvest table!

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