Rita’s favorite quotations from guests…

Since the two new cottages opened, I have been jotting down some of the clever things people have said about them. Some of my favorites have to do with the fact that since they are situated behind the 1860 carriage house, there is a stark contrast between where you park your car (in the carriage house) and the private oasis that awaits you on the other side. 

Here is a sampling:

“I feel like a little girl in a play-land”  Karen M.

“One night is not enough to use everything in here” Pat S.

“There are so many water features, by the time you leave you’re all wrinkled!” Tracey N.

“The contrast between the old carriage house and the new cottage is delightful-like going through a magic door to a special place”  Daniel M.

“It’s just like in the Wizard of Oz when it goes from black and white to color!!”  Wilma L.

 “It is like an adult water park” Rodney S.

 “We’re never leaving!”  Matt G. and Lynn P.

Check them out on our rooms page and then give us a call. The fall will be here before you know it and these rooms have great fireplaces. Maybe your comments will make the blog!! How exciting….



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