Colorful Autumn

The color of the leaves couldn’t possibly be more brilliant than they are right now. It never seizes to amaze me how spectacular the fall is on the Eastern Shore. The Canada geese arrived in early September and have been moving and honking about happily. They might be the bane of many a golf course but we love to see them here where they spend the fall and winter every year.


This morning we were surprised to see our first light frost. First thing Manick, our gardener, did when she came in today was check on what was left in the garden. To everybody’s surprise she came back with a small dish of strawberries and cherry tomatoes for tomorrow’s breakfast and a big dish full of figs for more jam. Our bountiful growing season is coming to a halt though. We are of course already thinking about next year. First we plan on doubling the number of growing beds and adding lots of raspberry bushes. They do so well and the berries are such a treat. We are also going to try our hand at planting asparagus again. About five years ago we planted four large beds behind the barn but the deer got them and we have learned that unless the beds are protected by a high fence we might as well forget it. Deer have sophisticated taste buds too!


Carole, Rita and I have been testing and tasting new recipes for cookies, pies and cakes.

Michael finished cleaning the chimneys to be ready for wood-burning fireplace season. There is nothing quite as cozy than to sit in front of a roaring fire, reading a good book and sip hot mulled cider or hot tea.

Come on down for a visit, we are offering some great special for mid-week stays.

By all means we are ready!

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