Cold weather doesn’t stop Brampton guests from enjoying their stay!!

We have definitely had our share of winter weather these past weeks: early January gave us record cold temperatures for this area and of course we just recently had a few snow storms.  The white blanket always looks pretty on the boxwood and pine boughs; especially from INSIDE next to a cozy fire!!

There has been a lot of talk on this blog about our new-ish cottages (Mulberry will be 1 year old in March!);  please indulge us again so we can share this story:

When checking folks into either the Mulberry Cottage or Olivia’s Meadow,  it’s always fun to see their reactions to the Japanese-style soaking tub on the screened in porch.  Granted, the ideal situation would include whatever you consider to be perfect weather while enjoying a soak, and for most people that would NOT be temps in the 30’s- 40’s, right?  There is usually some good-natured joking about how quickly one can get from the tub back into the cottage…and most people consider it a 3 season amenity.

Well, I stand corrected!!  Diane and Rich, who visited us in mid January, were the first folks to have a soak in the afternoon and live to tell about it. (The first to share it with me, anyway!)  They loved it and said that that it was soooo comfortable; your head stays warm from all the steam rising from the nice, hot water.  In fact, Rich was so warm that he had to cool off by lying in the hammock that’s in the private yard!! Remember, it was about 40 degrees.

I was so impressed that I bragged about them to other guests, and wouldn’t you know it, now EVERYONE is doing it!!!

Well, maybe not everyone, but a lot of people!  We have plans to install a towel warmer outside near the tub so that folks can keep their robes warm while they are soaking. Oooh, how decadent!

Here’s hoping that whatever the weather, we see you soon!

Toasting glasses of red wine in front of fireplace



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