Wine and Cheese Company — New Shop in Chestertown

Chestertown is full of interesting and unique shops, where you’ll likely find things you may not know you needed.  There are gift shops, clothing stores, the nicest bakery, a fun smoothie shop, and of course antiques.  For the longest time, though, there was a niche just waiting to be filled:  But not any more, thanks to the  Chester River Wine and Cheese Company.  A lovely shop inhabiting the space where the Lemon Leaf got its start, the CRWC  is more than just a shop.  It’s an inviting space where you can sip some wine and enjoy your purchases.

Chester River Wine and Cheese Company

Here is a peek inside and a chat with owners John and Jenn (former guests of the Brampton!).

We welcome them to Chestertown and encourage our guests to pay them a visit.

Among the additions we offer to enhance your stay is a wine and cheese platter. It’s lovely, but if you aren’t the type of person who likes to plan ahead, or you’d prefer to pair your own wine and cheeses, then by all means, check out the Chester River Wine and Cheese Shop , a newcomer in the land of pleasant living.

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