Apparently, April Showers bring Spring Weddings??

Historically June is considered the traditional “wedding month”. . . Somebody better tell that to April! We had 6 weddings in 24 days this past month!! That certainly is a lot of “I Dos”.

According to the almanac:… “June is still the most popular month to marry, followed by August, July, May, and September.”  Hmm…still no mention of April.   In Roman mythology,  Juno is the Goddess of love and marriage.   Seems like a good enough reason to get married in June.  But we’re certainly not holding anyone to it.    🙂

So warm congratulations to all six couples who tied the knot here at the Brampton Inn, a romantic Maryland wedding venue, in April:

Cheryl & Martin, Christina & Joseph, Shalisa & Paul, Tammy & Cris, Robin & Tom, Michele & Robert.

We were so happy to help make memories for all of you.














Special mention must be made for George and Kimberly.  They also were married in April, but not here at the Brampton.  Months ago, sometime last year, Kimberly reached out to us to inquire about our elopement packages.  After a few emails, I called her to answer some questions or maybe schedule an appointment.  When she answered her phone, she sounded a bit frazzled and told me that she had just found out that her fiance had been in a serious car accident.  Yikes!  I of course wished them both well and that was that.   Then, one Wednesday afternoon, in April,  late in the day, I got a call from Mark Mumford, the county clerk.  He told me he had just married a couple and they decided to stay in town, and did I have a room??  Yep, I did.  He sent them over.  It turned out to be Kimberly and George who were positively glowing with love and excitement.  I took a bunch of pictures of them with their phone, they drank bubbly on the porch and then went out to dinner.  It turned out to be their elopement at the Brampton Inn after all.  Such a sweet ending!