Beautiful Handmade, One-of-a-Kind Shaker Furniture: Robert Ortiz Studios

We have several fine artists and artisans in and around Chestertown, MD, many of whom will be opening their studios to the public later this month and in early November for the popular Artists Studio Tour.

One of our very favorites is Robert Ortiz Studios right in downtown Chestertown.  Bob has been creating beautiful, contemporary shaker furniture pieces for nearly 30 years.  If you do visit his studio during the tour, or any other time, you will be just as likely to chat with him about fine wood working or furniture as music (he’s a percussionist), drama and acting (he’s an actor), or food (ask him where to eat in town!)

The pieces he creates are beautiful, functional works of art, combining the characteristics of both Shaker and Japanese design.  Just look at how fabulous these are:


These pieces are truly one of a kind, made with love and destined to become family heirlooms.

In these days of instant internet access and global shipping, it’s easy to find whatever you want with the click of a few buttons.  Except that usually these items lack soul and integrity.  Imagine owning a piece of furniture that was created, literally, just for you. By someone that you’ve sat with and talked to. Probably had coffee or tea with. Who’s a really nice guy!  You simply cannot get that on the internet.

Even if you’re not in the market for furniture, a visit to Bob’s studio is a must, especially during First Fridays.  There’s even a ceremonial Japanese tea house inside; how can you leave town without seeing that??

Just one more intriguing and unique experience you can only get here in Chestertown, MD and nowhere else. Isn’t time you planned your trip to our Maryland bed and breakfast?


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