Upgrades at the Inn

We’re officially a few weeks into spring now, and dare I say it?  Winter is finally over. This is the time of year that most people think about “spring cleaning” and sprucing up.  Well, for us that kind of stuff happens in the winter months, when the inn is a little quieter.  The chances that there will be less guests in the house are greater, so this is when the big stuff gets done.

The most dramatic change has been in the Red Room.  Up on the third floor, this queen room is spacious and light, with large windows on 3 out of its 4 walls!  This bathroom had not been updated in quite a while so it was time for a refresher.

Now it has a wonderful new shower with 3 body jets, a hand-held sprayer, and a rainfall shower-head. There is lots of tile, warm wooden accents, and a towel warmer. During the remodel, the door to the bath was moved from one wall to another, which created a sort of separate space in one corner of the room.  This space is now known as the Red Room Media Nook:

With profuse apologies to Mark and Matthew at Jumping Rocks Photography;  they will be here soon to take REAL pictures for our website!

With a new love seat, coffee table and the largest flat-screen TV on the property, the nook is perfect for cuddling up with popcorn and a movie in your own private screening room.

Another big upgrade is more efficient air conditioning units in both the Red and Green Rooms.  Each of these rooms has always had quiet window units which worked well, but they detracted a tiny bit from the charm of having all of those huge windows.   Not so with the new system which places the actual unit in the wall, and the condenser elsewhere.  (There’s also new carpeting in the room, but that’s not nearly as exciting as an air-conditioned media nook is it?!)

Three other rooms also got upgraded, larger flat screen televisions: Russell’s Cottage, the Yellow Room and the Fairy Hill Suite.

Two sets of chairs got a makeover with new upholstery: the Sunset Room in the Garden Cottage and the Blue Room.  Both Sophie’s Suite and Olivia’s Cottage got new chairs altogether.  Sophie’s Suite also has new carpeting.

Lucas spent a lot of time pruning and/or removing trees in the lawn in front of the garden. Look for new plantings and garden beds this summer!

The old Brampton definitely needs her nips and tucks now and then.  Still, we think she’s aging gracefully.

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