Wishing Peace on Earth and Happy Holidays to Everyone

The holiday season means different things to different people: when you’re a kid it’s generally all about excitement, sparkly things and presents; for the more mature (hopefully) it has  to do with things like family, togetherness, love and peace.


It’s easy to wish for; sadly, it’s more difficult to attain.  This past year has surely been  tumultuous for everyone.   For us at the Brampton, it becomes easy to shut out what’s happening in the rest of the world and live in the bubble that we’ve created here.  Rest, relaxation and rejuvenation of spirits are what we offer.  Everyone is so happy when they leave and it makes us very happy to have helped bring that about. It’s easy to float along on that wave and forget about our own troubles, not to mention the rest of the world’s.  But of course, eventually reality rears its head.  We are reminded of the not so pleasant news, and of those less fortunate.   We remember that compassion is what this season is truly about and try to be mindful of that.

So while we sincerely wish the best of the season to all our friends and family, that is also what we wish for the entire world, every season, all the time.  Perhaps if we all wish it for each other, some day it will come true for everyone.

Peace on earth.  To you, yours and every one of us. Always.

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