Maryland Recycling Occurs at our Chestertown Bed and Breakfast

We take recycling very seriously in Maryland! Our Chestertown Bed and Breakfast composts all kitchen scraps with weekly trips to the county public works facility to drop off glass, aluminum, paper, and plastic that has accumulated. These are everyday tasks for us.

But has Michael gone a bit far??

This Mercedes station wagon has been quite the vehicle. It was our car the year we lived in Switzerland in 1985. My late father drove it to Spain and the South of France. When we moved back to the US it came with us. This baby has no bells and whistles,  such as A/C, (the girls used to say it was child-abuse), power windows, power locks and forget leather seats. Nevertheless it ran and ran. I traveled up and down the East Coast looking for furniture for the inn the year we opened up. We brought both daughters home from the hospital in it when they were born: Sophie in 1985 in Switzerland, and Simone in 1992 in Wilmington. It was the car that Sophie learned to drive in, and Michael drove her to the airport when she left for college in 2004.

Sadly with more than 300’000 miles (480’000 kilometers), we had to retire the car before Simone could learned to drive in it as well. The odometer stopped working at one point and we quietly added miles for a year or so until we had it fixed, hence “only” the 292’000+ miles.

For the past 4 years she was parked in the barn next to the firewood until last week when Michael decided to see if the old girl could be used as a housekeeping car. It took him two tries before the motor sprung to action with its familiar hum.

She needed a really good cleaning, but that was no big deal. She has a few dents and rust spots, the seats are worn through, the motor lost its pick up, but she is not done yet. Her days on the roads are over, but she will do nicely carrying all the laundry and the cleaning supplies from the laundry room to the cottages on the property.

Maryland recycling really does occur at our Chestertown bed and breakfast!