Chocolate Daze at the Brampton

I read somewhere that each year for Valentine’s Day, we spend a billion dollars buying chocolates for each other.  A BILLION.  Shouldn’t we show some restraint and at least spread that out over the course of the year??  Seems like it would be better for the economy, right?

Well, we are going to give it a try and at least spread it out over 2 months.  We are very excited to announce our “Chocolate Daze” at the Brampton Inn – A romantic bed and breakfast in Maryland.  From February 8 through March 31,  come visit us and enjoy lots of chocolate at teatime every day of the week!!!   Our afternoon tea hour always includes  one sweet and one savory offering.   During Chocolate Daze however,  there will be one savory item, but at least 3 different chocolate treats each and every day.  So that means 2 months or 60 days of 3 treats each day equals 180 chocolate desserts to try!  OK, so we will have to repeat some every several days, but unless you are staying here for more than 5 days or so, it won’t really matter, right?

Chocolate truffles…chocolate mousse…chocolate covered cherries…Black Forest Cake…German Chocolate Cake…chocolate truffle torte…Gran Marnier Chocolate Cake…chocolate shortbread…chocolate covered pretzels…chocolate cheesecake……the white chocolate versions of some of these…chocolate whoopie pies!…chocolate bark…chocolate raisin and nut clusters…chocolate covered strawberries…chocolate Sacher torte…chocolate madeleines…brownies…chocolate cupcakes…chocolate bread pudding…chocolate biscotti…

are you in a DAZE yet???

Oh, and by the way, from February 18th through March 31st, stay two days and get $50 off.  Every day of the week except Saturday.  

No 3rd party gift certificates can be used with our specials.

Spend the Holidays at the Brampton! 

If you were thinking about a Holiday getaway at the Brampton where you can sit back, relax and let us take care of everything for your special holiday retreat, hurry! Only a few rooms left!

If you can’t make it for Christmas, why not a pre-holiday getaway for yourselves?


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