Brampton Inn: Favorite Food Blogs


We have quite the cookbook collection here at the Brampton Inn and this is only about a third of them! It’s a little known affliction that many of us  in the food and hospitality business have: we’re addicted to buying cookbooks. There is always just one more that looks so good with beautiful photos and new ways to wow on the plate. But eventually, the shelves are overflowing and bending and you just have to thin the herd a little bit here and there.

But now that we’re into the teens of the 21st century, we have the convenience of the internet to support our recipe habit. Food blogs are everywhere (for that matter, blogs of any kind are everywhere, so you have to do a bit of searching) and the range of quality  is enormous. However, there are some really good ones that we like a lot at our Maryland Bed and Breakfast and thought we’d share them with you.

I am a food blog, perhaps the best name for a blog EVER, is on the list for its emphasis on breakfast foods and Asian cuisine.  2 of our favorite things.

Orangette,  incredible writing and photography, and an equally amazing story.

Eating From the Ground Up, another well-written blog with great recipes and a great book that was just recently published (if you’re still collecting cook books 😉

David Lebovitz, a cookbook author and former pastry chef at Chez Panisse, has a fantastic blog. His cookbooks are pretty amazing too.

Food in Jars, we make our own jams, jellies and preserves and it’s always fun to check out what other “canners” come up with.

and of course the Eight Broads in the Kitchen of which I am a very proud member. We are 8 very close innkeeper friends who love to cook (and eat).

Happy cooking and reading about cooking!

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