Gardens Galore at the Eastern Shore

Please forgive us if we tend to be a little repetitive about  the natural beauty of our outdoor surroundings.  It’s just that every spring, things start blooming and popping out of the ground and it suddenly becomes so lush and vibrant… we can get carried away by it all: talking with guests about the gardens, taking and posting pictures,  cutting flowers for arrangements, you might think that’s all we ever do!

Take the wisteria pictured above for example.  It’s a knock out, isn’t it? Just last week it was barely starting to come alive, and then, pow!  It really takes your breath away.

The beech tree, or the wedding tree as we  often call it , is just about completely leafed out, creating that dappled sunlight that makes for beautiful photographs.

The tree peonies are just starting to bloom.  Yes, that’s right:  Tree.  Peonies.  They rock.

The azaleas are on fire!

And we can’t forget about the progress in the formal garden, where the vegetables take center stage.  This year we have even more asparagus, eggplants, broccoli, lettuces and more.  But we’ll cover that another time.

The grounds here at our Maryland bed and breakfast are best described as a wooded, garden oasis.  Mature trees and perennial plantings create a verdant atmosphere that’s perfect for an evening stroll, or an afternoon of porch-sitting, just taking it all in.  And new this year, we have a fountain . . .

The slowly trickling water is so soothing!  It’s a new feature among many at the inn that make a stay here so relaxing.

But if you decide that you need even more of a garden fix, we’ve got just the thing for you. Did you know that we are just over an hour from Longwood Gardens, one of the premiere botanical gardens in the country??   It’s an easy day trip from the inn and if you’ve never been there you will not be disappointed.  Over a thousand acres, indoor and outdoor gardens and conservatories.  It really is an incredible place.  Our cute little fountain can’t compete with Longwood’s fountains, but we like it anyway.

Hope to see you in the garden some day soon!