Winter is Coming; So are the Hunters!

After almost 30 years of running the Brampton Inn, we have quite a collection of favorite stories that make us laugh.

One funny story is from the very early days, when the slow winter months were salvaged mainly by groups of hunters.  These folks would use the towels in the rooms to clean up after themselves and make a bit of a mess of things:  our bath towels aren’t exactly there for wiping mud off of boots or cleaning shot guns.  Never one to ignore a guest’s needs, Danielle had the perfect idea:

Problem solved!


Each of our rooms has a book that contains all the information about the inn, including a note about the “special rags” available for cleaning boots and guns. This  ALWAYS elicits a laugh (and sometimes concern!) from those guests who go through the book and read everything. Folks are inevitably surprised that a group of hunters would book a stay at a Bed and Breakfast… as if it’s too genteel, or not “manly” enough. HA.  These guys like a comfy bed, a warm fire, and a hot breakfast as much as anyone!.

And while it’s true that Brampton is more well known as a romantic getaway destination, we still are also known among the outdoorsy crowd as THE place to stay while visiting the Eastern Shore of Maryland, which is one of THE hunting destinations in the country, as explained in a previous post.  But perhaps hearing from some of our regulars is the best way to see why they keep coming back:

“Beautiful country setting,comfortable sleeping rooms.”  “Spacious living room with fireplace

for cocktails. Delicious breakfasts (even at 5 A.M.)”  “Located near great restaurants for dinner. Gracious hostesses.”

“And those cookies in the little sitting room–yum!!”

Honestly, that’s what came back when I emailed two of our regulars the following questions:

“Would you mind replying to this email with one or two lines about why you enjoy the Brampton Inn for your outings? Anything special or unique about your stays here, as compared to hotels or other types of lodging?”

Gosh, we’re blushing…   Thanks gentlemen!

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