The sounds of springtime

It was a beautiful weekend here at Brampton Inn.  The first really warm and sunny weekend we’ve had in a long time.

Walking back to the inn after checking some guests into a cottage, I was struck by the number of spring-like sounds I heard.  Of course, the birds are chirping like they’ve never chirped before.  There was laughter coming from some guests who borrowed a picnic blanket and sat out in the afternoon sun.  Muffin and Charlie could be heard barking at the vultures flying over their house (apparently, they think it’s a no-fly zone over there!).  There was the satisfying clink of croquet mallets hitting balls on the lawn, and the occasional triumphant “YES!!!” by the winning player.

And lastly, if I listened hard enough, I could hear Slipper purring with joy at having so many guests around on “his” porch to scratch his chin after such a long winter.