Summertime…at a Chesapeake Bay Area Bed and Breakfast

We got a good soaking rain after weeks of blistering heat that shriveled corn stalks and found us here at the inn watering several hours a day. While mature trees – and there are many on our property – have deep roots that sustain them during droughts, shrubbery, perennials, potted plants and smaller trees can suffer.

For example, our boxwoods at the front entrance of the manor house need special care in wintertime, when heavy snow can snap their limbs, and during summer dry spells, as well. Thankfully, lots of watering and the recent rain have worked their wonders, and that peculiar yet summery scent they give off  welcomes all who come here.

The garden planted at the aptly named Garden Cottages is thriving in the summer heat, particularly the tomato plants. They are brimming with fruit; one seen today was actually ripe while its siblings were still green. Yellow squash add a bright splash of color to the gardens, and the onions have gone to seed, their round heads askew as if in conversation.

Everywhere, the sounds of summer permeate the air. Cicadas have begun to buzz, and dragon flies alight on plants and brick sidewalks. Today, a black butterfly flirted with me as I walked back from one of the cottages. I hope to see more of them.

Most satisfying in our herb garden at the back entrance to the kitchen are spouting ginger plants. The leaves, when touched lightly, even smell just like ginger. The fennel bush is huge, and the basil has shot up even higher after the recent rain. Mint and rosemary and lavender all leave their fragrance if brushed lightly.

Summer can be challenging, with heat waves and droughts, but many plants thrive in just such weather. We hope you will enjoy taking a walk around our grounds during your stay here, and savor dewy summer mornings and the quiet of summer evenings that descends as the sun goes down.

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