Splendid Spring

Spring is certainly one of the most spectacular times at the inn. The porch furniture is back in its place, ready for our guests to relax, listen to the birds and enjoy a cup of tea and the view.

The trees are showing off their new growth of tender green leaves. The peonies are competing for best in show with gigantic blossoms in shades of pink and purple, and the iris are in full bloom too.  When we first came to Brampton 21 years ago the landscape was very different from what it is today. When we look at old photos we can barely believe it’s the same place. Thanks to Manick Burton, our gardener, who has been tending to the landscape for the past 10 years, Brampton is just magnificent this time of year. She is also an amazing potter and you can find her pottery displayed at the inn.

During last week’s rain and high winds we lost one of two sugar maples that graced our front yard. This very old tree had been victim to high wind damage before. Twice during the last 15 years did it loose limbs the size of a medium tree but it kept on producing the most amazing Fall foilage. Sadly, this time the tree split in half and we had to have it removed.

This is also the time of year when our Paulownia trees are in full bloom. You can get a whiff of the sweet flowers when walking on the edge of the plantation.

Every year, during Memorial Day weekend, Chestertown celebrates it’s very own “Tea Party”. Like Boston, the forefathers of this small town had a run-in with the British over tea and taxes.

Three days of small town celebration and merriment culminate in the reenactment of throwing the pesky Brits and their tea over board the Sultana.


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