Porch Sittin’ Time…


I don’t know if it’s Indian Summer or not, but whatever it is, I’ll take it: the weather is beautiful today and it reminds me of my favorite activity at the Brampton Inn

The wrap-around porch just beckons to guests to sit and read and sip and nap…. It is my favorite feature of the whole place and I am always so¬†envious happy when I see folks enjoying it!!

One of our longtime repeat couples, Andre and Kim, are jokingly referred to as the record holders of porch sitting at our Chestertown MD Bed and Breakfast. Like many people, they come to the inn for a much-needed respite from busy work lives, and relish the time (in between meals, of course) to sit and read on the porch. They start immediately after breakfast and pretty much that’s where you’ll find them for most of the day. Although, I hate to break it to them this way, but there is in fact someone who has them beat….