On the Eastern Shore: Top 5 Places to Watch the Sunset

We are very lucky here on the Eastern Shore to have some of the best sunsets around. As there’s nothing more romantic than watching a sunset together (except maybe watching the sunrise, but that’s a different story).

These are, in no particular order, the 5 top places we can think of to say adieu to the day when you’re on the Eastern Shore!

1. Olivia’s Cottage right here at the Brampton Inn, of course!

Olivia’s cottage at our Eastern Shore bed and breakfast is one of our most popular accommodations. It sits at the edge of a meadow and oozes tranquility and privacy.  And of course, we are not on the water, so you don’t actually see the sun setting, but we promise that it is!  And the sky behind this cottage often turns the most beautiful orange and pink hues.

Jumping Rocks Photography

2. Beach Avenue Rock Hall

The little beach in Rock Hall is a popular spot to watch the sunset year round if you are part of the “Sunset Club”:  locals park their cars in the dozen or so parking spots that face the beach and watch the sunset, chat, or listen to their car radios. It’s charming! The shot below is a sneak peak through a local garden in Rock Hall.

3. Sand Bar at Rolph’s Wharf

The Sand Bar is a place where you can sit in an Adirondack chair with a drink (or a book!) in your hand, and your feet in the sand.   It is really special.  We don’t tell everyone about it, so if you’re interested, be sure to ask us!

4. Blue Crab Charters

Everyone knows how much we love Captain Mark and his First and Only Mate, Suzanne!  It is by far the most popular activity that we recommend.  They go out 5 times a day in the summer, but  the sunset cruise sure is hard to beat…

Jumping Rocks Photography

5. Waterman’s Deck

Waterman’s Crabhouse in Rock Hall is the place to go for steamed crabs;  and the view from their deck is another hard to beat spot.