Local fruit is all the rage in the Chestertown Area

Eat locally…you’ve heard it before from us, and thankfully, it’s the “in” thing to do nowadays. Here at Brampton, we have had a garden for the last 10 years, and always incorporate whatever is ripe into our breakfasts.  Of course, we can’t grow everything here, so we have a few places we like to go for our local fruit. One is Godfreys Farm in Sudlersville, MD about 20 minutes from here.


Peaches are abundant now and we love to roast them simply with a little vanilla sugar and top with berries.

These have raspberries but the blackberries are in now and they are stunning!

Roasting anything is a great way to concentrate flavor.  For fruit, simply add a little sugar or honey, a bit of orange or lemon juice and arrange the fruit in a glass baking dish. Roast in a 400 degree oven for 20 30 minutes, checking after 15,  or until it’s got a little color around the edges.  Top with berries, yogurt, whipped cream, or use the fruit as a topping for ice cream, for a dessert.

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