Your Guide to the Best Hunting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Hunting has been a Maryland pastime for centuries. When you stay at Brampton Inn, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go on an outdoor expedition of your own. Some of the most sought-after Maryland game include deer and waterfowl, and there are plenty of both here! If you’re wondering, “What do I need to know before going hunting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland?” we have answers. Read on to learn more about the best hunting spots, local regulations, and more.

Hunting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland: Your Ultimate Guide

About Maryland’s Eastern Shore Hunting Scene

Have you ever wanted to check a Sika deer, Canada goose, Puddle duck, Diving duck, Whitetail deer, or turkey off your hunting bucket list? If so, a trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland (just minutes from the Chesapeake Bay) should be on your calendar! Our state dog isn’t the Chesapeake Bay Retriever for nothing—this region is known for having the finest small game hunting in the country. Maryland is steeped in this age-old tradition, and the Eastern Shore is where it all began. Keep reading to learn more!

Rules and Regulations to Keep in Mind

There are several rules and regulations to keep in mind before embarking on a hunting trip in the state of Maryland. Perhaps most importantly, remember to obtain a Maryland hunting license. This permit is valid for a full calendar year starting on August 1 and ending the following year on July 31. If you’re an inexperienced hunter, Apprentice Licenses are also available upon completion of a short informational course. A Full-Season license allows you to hunt all legal game birds and mammals that are in season. Additional permits and “stamps” are required for hunting deer, migratory game, fur-bearing game, and bear. Be sure to check the state of Maryland hunting page for more information regarding rules and regulations.


Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources defines several hunting seasons throughout the year. Here are just a few of the major seasons to plan around:

  • Whitetail and Sika deer: Early September to late January
  • Wild turkey: Early November, mid-January, and late April to late May
  • Canada geese: Early September
  • Migratory Atlantic Canada geese: Mid-December to early February
  • Ducks: Mid-October, mid-November, mid-December through late January.

For a complete list of this year’s specific hunting dates, available species, and participating counties, be sure to consult the official Maryland Hunting Season Calendar.

Outfitters on the Eastern Shore

If you’re looking for an expert guide to accompany your group or just some top-notch gear, there are several outfitters on the Eastern Shore of Maryland who are willing to help! Here are just a few of the local vendors to choose from:

There’s Room for Your Whole Group at Brampton Inn!Brampton Inn at Dusk

If you want to experience some of the best hunting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, start by planning your stay at Brampton Inn in Chestertown, Maryland. We’re located just a short drive away from the Chesapeake Bay and minutes from some of the best outfitters and public lands in the region. You certainly don’t have to go camping to enjoy a successful hunting excursion—our spacious and comfortable accommodations offer a welcome respite from the wilderness (while still surrounded by Maryland’s beautiful countryside)! Enjoy an adventurous day afield, then come back to a warm fireplace, plush bed, and views of our historic property. Then, wake up the next morning to a delicious, freshly prepared breakfast!

Ready to experience some of the country’s best waterfowl and deer hunting? Book a stay with us now!

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