Homemade Marshmallow

Just in case you won’t be able to make it down to the inn soon here is our marshmallow recipe to try at home. 

Marshmallows Recipe

Ingredients:3½   envelopes of Knox gelatin½  cup cold water2 cups granulated sugar½  cups corn syrup½  cup hot water¼  teaspoon salt                                                                                                                     2 large egg whites, (we use pasteurized whites)1 teaspoon vanilla extractConfectioners’ sugar for dredgingInstructions:Oil bottom and sides of a 13 x 9 Pyrex dish and dust bottom and sides with confectioner sugar.In the bowl of an electric mixer, sprinkle gelatin over ½ cup cold water. Let stand until soft.In a 3 quart heavy sauce pan cook granulated sugar, corn syrup, hot water and salt over low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon until sugar is dissolved. Increase heat to moderate and boil mixture without stirring until a candy thermometer registers 240 degrees, about 12 minutes. Remove from heat and pour sugar mixture over gelatin mixture, stirring until gelatin is dissolved.With a standing mixer beat mixture on high until white, thick and nearly tripled in volume, about 6 min. In a large bowl with clean beaters beat egg whites until they hold stiff peaks. Beat whites and vanilla into sugar mixtures until  just combined. Pour mixture into prepared Pyrex form and sift ¼ cup powdered sugar over top. Let dry at room temp. at least 3 hours. Run a knife around edges of pan and invert onto a large cutting board. Cut marshmallows into 1 inch cubes. Sift remaining powdered sugar into a large bowl and add marshmallows in batches, tossing to evenly coat. Keep airtight and cool for up to a week.

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