Growing the Garden

An innkeeper’s work is never done: isn’t that a saying? If not, it should be. There is always something that needs fixing, or maintaining, or replacing, or tweaking… and if there isn’t, well then it’s time to start a new project. It’s great work for folks that don’t like to sit still.  🙂

For 30 years now, there has been a new project just about every year at our Chestertown bed and breakfast…

Which brings us to our newest endeavor. This spring, Lucas plans to double the size of the garden, adding a wing on either side of the existing space, with walkways throughout. Eventually, we will be able to grow enough of certain vegetables so that we won’t have to supplement our harvest with store or farm-stand bought. Spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, and peppers are likely to be the ingredients coming straight from our garden and no one else’s. It’s pretty cool!

As it occurs, we will surely document the progress on Facebook and Instagram, so check in with us often. Soon we will be able to add to this collection of photos,”the evolution of the garden”.


On a sunny day, there is almost no better place to sit than on the bench in the garden.  As this is being written, it’s a rainy day in winter. Ahhhh… it’s so nice to think about spring on a day like this. We are excited about the expansion and hope you are too. Farm-fresh ingredients are a major component of dining at the inn. Here’s to spring and spring vegetables! Yum!

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