Gluten Free living…

If you have made a reservation with us, then you know that we always ask if there are any food allergies or dietary restrictions that we should know about while you’re staying with us.  After all, our primary goal is your comfort and pleasure, so we don’t want to be caught off guard serving pecan buns to someone who has a lethal allergy to nuts!!  Many people are allergic to or intolerant of wheat or wheat gluten and are genuinely thankful and appreciative when we show up with a special muffin or biscuit made just for them with our special, secret ingredients.    As long as we know ahead of time, we are happy to accommodate these needs.

Ok, so it’s not a secret.  It’s Bob’s Red Mill. They have the best products!

There are several flour substitutes and mixes that can be used to make terrific muffins, pancakes, even waffles.  And no, they are not paying us to say that.  There are other brands, and you can find them in any health food store or even your regular grocer.  But for sheer variety, Bob’s is the way to go!

Dine in Style! 

If you are looking for a unique dining experience, we have two amazing dining-series this season!

Check out Dining Under the Stars with Chef Kurt Peter starting May 2!


Gourmet Diner Club with chef Jordan Lloyd starting May 23!

Dining and entertainment experiences to remember! See our Specials page.

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