Elopement Capitol of the Eastern Shore?

Did you know…..  that Elkton, Maryland was once the elopement capital of the east coast? As the northern-most county seat (Cecil County) in the state, Elkton is in close proximity to several states that required a waiting period (NJ DE PA NY). Back in “the day” (from 1913, when Delaware imposed a waiting period on marriage licenses, to the late 1930’s), couples who wanted to marry quickly would head to Elkton and one of the many chapels that had cropped up to accommodate this new-found clientele. Often they would be coming by train and need a place to stay overnight, and this led to a boom in lodging in the area as well. So the next time you’re driving through Elkton and you take notice of the number of old hotels you see, now you’ll understand why. For an interesting, longer read on this subject, have a look here and here.

We must admit, here at our Maryland bed and breakfast, we fancy the idea of becoming the new elopement capital of the Eastern Shore, if not the east coast! Our elopement and small wedding packages cater to those couples who want a lovely, personal, and memorable event but without the stress, hassle, and headaches that often come with planning a wedding. Even if it’s just the two of you, you will still receive our full attention to detail, a personalized ceremony, and a magical and romantic setting in which to start your wedded bliss!

A true elopement, with just the wedding couple, is still a popular choice for many folks. Small, intimate weddings for 10 to 30 people are just the right size for others. Have something specific in mind for elopement in Maryland? Just give us a call at 410-778-1860 and we’ll see what we can come up with. Don’t just take our word for it though. You can search “weddings” in our reviews on Trip Advisor, and hear some first hand accounts from some of our newlyweds 🙂

What better place to start your lives together than the Land of Pleasant Living? Here’s to a wonderful beginning!

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