Happy Independence Day from Star Spangled Banner Country!!

We hope that you are enjoying this 4th of July…regardless of the weather.

As the year speeds by, and folks get busier and busier, these holidays become more and more essential and a rare chance to unplug and connect with loved ones.

Our guests this Friday, July 4, will  have the opportunity for an old-fashioned social networking system: of the sit-around-the-campfire-and-shoot-the-breeze variety.  If you are among the lucky folks staying with us this weekend, be sure to ask at check-in about the festivities.  There will be complimentary snacks (the kind that you can cook on a stick!) and adult beverages on us as well.

If the weather permits, we will have chairs available for fireworks viewing right on the property.  A private performance, just for you, with an opening act by the thousands of fireflies that get busy every evening as the sun goes down.


All this and more here in the land of pleasant living.