Life is Truly Sweet as an Innkeeper of a Luxury Eastern Shore Inn!

Jumping Rocks Photography


My apologies to our friends Mark and Matthew from Jumping Rocks Photography:  I am about to compare their beautiful photo (above) that they styled and shot for our luxury Eastern Shore Inn, to one that I took on the spur of the moment when I had a flash (pun not intended) of inspiration for the Brampton Inn blog.

I wanted to write about how lucky I feel to be working and living at this luxury Maryland bed and breakfast! That feeling is amplified whenever the weather is as nice as it was today. I am so grateful to be able to take the laptop (along with the phone, so I don’t miss any calls)  out onto our beckoning porch, and enjoy some fresh air while I work. So that’s what I did. And then I looked up.

I remembered the photo of the porch. Suddenly, I imagined this cool image, a la Escher, where there’s a picture of a picture of a picture and everything melds together, and it looks like you can  see into infinity.

It was much cooler in my imagination!

Anyway, I still count myself as one lucky innkeeper, if not the best photographer!  Visit the Jumping Rocks website for some incredibly beautiful photography. I won’t be offended.