Bicycling on the Eastern Shore

It’s no secret that bicycling on the Eastern Shore of Maryland is one of our favorite fun activities in Maryland. The slightly rolling rural landscape is perfect for those looking

Honey Bees

A longtime dream of mine has been to keep honey bees! Yes, honey bees, and two things are making this dream finally come true. A dozen years ago we planted

Military Elopements in Maryland

If you or your fiancé are a member of the armed forces, consider a military elopement in Maryland at our romantic oasis and Maryland inn. We are located less than

Easy Homemade Chocolate Cake Recipe

Valentine’s Day is a favorite among lovers, and at Brampton we celebrate it all month long! Join us at our romantic Maryland B&B any night in February and you’ll enjoy

At Year’s End: Thank You!

As we near the end 2017, we’d like to pause and thank everyone that has come to visit us this year, whether for the first time or the 20th. We

Hunting Getaway in Maryland

The Eastern Shore of Maryland has a long tradition of hunting, fishing and farming. Hunters in particular come to Kent County from all over the entire country to hunt duck,

Elopement Capitol of the Eastern Shore?

Did you know…..  that Elkton, Maryland was once the elopement capital of the east coast? As the northern-most county seat (Cecil County) in the state, Elkton is in close proximity

The Trees of Brampton

In the summer of 1987, Michael and Danielle Hanscom bought the Kent County, Maryland property known as “Brampton” with the great idea to turn the antebellum house into a bed

Delicious Brampton Crab Cake Recipe

Brampton Crab Cakes In the spirit of summer we’re sharing our favorite homemade crab cake recipe. They’re gluten-free and make the perfect appetizer! Serves 4 Ingredients: 1 pound Maryland jumbo

Exciting 2017 Summer Events in Chestertown, MD

Plan Your Getaway With These Summer Events in Chestertown: June 4 – June 17: Don’t miss the National Music Festival hosted by Washington College! Presenting music from all over the world. Concerts range from

Celebrating Memorial Day in Chestertown, MD

The end of May signifies many things: the unofficial start of summer, excitement about imminent graduations, beach traffic, permission to wear white pants. (That’s not really still a thing, is

Growing the Garden

An innkeeper’s work is never done: isn’t that a saying? If not, it should be. There is always something that needs fixing, or maintaining, or replacing, or tweaking… and if

Cheers to 30 Years!

30 Years, 30 Winners! 2017 marks our 30th anniversary of opening Brampton Inn! As we get ready for the new year, we’d like to extend a big thank you to

Winter is Coming; So are the Hunters!

After almost 30 years of running the Brampton Inn, we have quite a collection of favorite stories that make us laugh. One funny story is from the very early days,

The Gift of Hot Chocolate Mix

A very easy and quick way to make something special for the holidays or anytime of the year. Make it a gift: Yields approx. 3 cups. ¾ cup granulated sugar 4

Downrigging Weekend is Almost Here!

One of the biggest weekends of the year here in Chestertown is coming up soon:   “Down-rigging”, denoting the end of the sailing season, has over the past 15 years

Got plans? Thanksgiving Dinner awaits!

Do you procrastinate?  Or are you a planner?   Everything is relative ….. So, are you in the camp that says “Whoa, Thanksgiving is right around the corner!”  OR, those that

Brampton Peach Lassi Recipe

1 1/2 cup cold fat free greek yogurt 2 1/2 cups freshly pureed rip peaches 2 Tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice 4 Tbsp. sugar or more to taste One dash

2 Historic Tours in Kent County, Maryland

Ahh, January:   quiet times after the flurry of year-end activity.  There is something comforting about the beginning of a new year.  Everything seems a little hushed.  It’s a good time

Proud to be a Member of Select Registry

Michael and I opened the Brampton in 1987 and today the second generation, son Lucas and his wife Rachel Hanscom have joined the team. Back then shared baths were still acceptable. Thank goodness that is ancient

Who’s Ready for Spring???

It’s certainly not news that this winter’s weather  has been a bit extreme. . .as many predicted it would be.  Now that it’s March, the month of SPRING, how can

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! As we wind down another year (the 27th to be exact!) we remain humbled by the loyalty of our wonderful guests.  As we get ready for our annual New Year’s

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Recipe

These cute chocolate crinkle cookies look so festive setting out on a plate, and are equally tasty! Perfect for the holiday season! Brampton Chocolate Crinkles ¼ cup unsalted butter, (½ stick)

Waterfowl Hunting Season is Back!

It’s that classic time of year:  shorter days, brisk and windy, beautiful fall colors, the pleasure of a warm drink at any time of the day.  Fall into winter isn’t

Let the Fall Festival Season Begin!

Welcome to October, folks, and a month jam packed with special events, activities and fun! First Fridays always seem more fun in the fall for some reason:  That crisp air

Fall Wine Tasting Special

As this particular August comes to an end, it’s hard to imagine that we even had a summer: the weather this year has been so unbelievably, and unseasonably, cool and

Not just another wedding. . .

We talk a lot about weddings here at the Brampton.  Our elopement and intimate Maryland wedding packages have  become very popular, and it’s so much fun to share pictures.  Like this one:

Things You Don’t See Everyday…

Here’s a post about some things you don’t see every day at the Brampton Inn… There’s something about  Independence Day that must really take a toll on people.  Especially when

New Pictures! New Adventures!

A few weeks ago we talked about some of the improvements and updates that we’d been working on over the winter at the Brampton Inn.  With these changes comes the

Strawberry Jam Time!!

We posted a picture on Facebook last week of two huge bowls of strawberries that Michael picked from our garden.  Though we’re very proud of that harvest,  it just isn’t

Gardens Galore at the Eastern Shore

Please forgive us if we tend to be a little repetitive about  the natural beauty of our outdoor surroundings.  It’s just that every spring, things start blooming and popping out of

Upgrades at the Inn

We’re officially a few weeks into spring now, and dare I say it?  Winter is finally over. This is the time of year that most people think about “spring cleaning”

Same Sex Weddings at the Brampton Inn

Ever since the state of Maryland changed it’s laws to permit same sex marriages, back in January of 2012 we’ve had several calls and inquiries, and a few ceremonies here.

Happy MMXIV!

                  MMXIV!!      Happy New Year and welcome to 2014…  We wish you much health, happiness and joy in the coming

Hunting Season on the Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is famous for many things: rolling farmland, incredible sunsets, rock fish and crab cakes, and of course the steamed Maryland Blue Crab.  But did you

Early December Events

Black Friday has come and gone.  Shop local Saturday is a thing of the past.  Cyber Monday is over.  Did you give on #Giving Tuesday?? Thank goodness for First Fridays

Shop, then Drop, at the Brampton Inn!

Break out the long johns, mittens, hats and scarves, because the winter weather is upon us here at our Chestertown bed and breakfast! Just have a look at this forecast

More Fall Weekend Fun!

WARNING: This blog post is repetitive and will be belaboring this point: THERE IS A LOT GOING ON THIS WEEKEND IN CHESTERTOWN AND KENT COUNTY MARYLAND!! Just last week we

Apple Season and Fall Frittatas

  It’s apple season again, and who doesn’t love the scent of apples and cinnamon and pastry and butter and …mmm…oh, sorry.  I can get carried away by just the

Goodbye Summer, Hello Birds!

Well it’s officially autumn now, and one of the many harbingers of fall is the sound of the geese returning. They’re not here in full force yet, but we have

More than 2 weeks of summer fun left!!

At the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney or Jerry Seinfeld…have you ever noticed… how as soon as Labor Day rolls around, folks start talking about summer being over: -“it’s

So you wanna be an innkeeper?

So many of our guests tell us that either they or someone they know has always wanted to have an inn, a bed and breakfast, a guest house.  Some sort

Fecundity…it’s an August thing.

August really is a fecund month.  Oh, how I love the chance to use that word, fecund.  From the Oxford English Dictionary online: adjective producing or capable of producing an

Microbrews at the Brampton

It’s no secret that we love eating and snacking around here.  The “endless cookie jars” are filled with Carole’s fabulous cookies and biscotti.  Our afternoon tea buffet is more than

Maryland Wine Week

Ah, June…the official month of summer,  Dads and grads, weddings, and  perhaps our favorite…vacation planning!! Sure, not everyone vacations in the summer, but certainly a lot of folks do. What’s

The Very Best Bread Ever… Evergrain!

One of the very best places for lunch in Chestertown is Evergrain Bread Company.  This lovely bakery serves up artisanal loaves, wonderful coffee and terrific soups and sandwiches for lunch.

All about Rhubarb

I love learning new things.  Especially tidbits of information that are easy to remember!  For example, yesterday while reading about rhubarb,  I learned that it is actually a vegetable…who knew???

3rd Annual Locavore Festival

As spring comes around again, our thoughts turn to flower buds and new growth in the garden.  We anxiously watch the new asparagus patch to see the baby spears emerging

Puzzles and Games

The weather wasn’t perfect for outdoorsy activities this past weekend but that didn’t stop our guests from having a good time during their Maryland vacation reconnecting over puzzles and games.

Brampton Inn: Favorite Food Blogs

  We have quite the cookbook collection here at the Brampton Inn and this is only about a third of them! It’s a little known affliction that many of us

Chocolate Daze at the Brampton

I read somewhere that each year for Valentine’s Day, we spend a billion dollars buying chocolates for each other.  A BILLION.  Shouldn’t we show some restraint and at least spread

Breakfast for Dinner?

When I was a little kid, (I = Rita in this case) every once in a while I would spend the night at my grandmother’s house just down the street.

Happy Independence Day!!

Today marks not only the birth of our nation, but also the birth of the Brampton Inn!  25 years ago on the fourth of July, Michael and Danielle moved into

What’s Cooking in the Winter??

As winter settles in, we turn more and more to the simple kitchen staples like onions, potatoes and other root vegetables for sustenance. When asked what their favorite winter comfort

We are almost there

Michael has been working away at this project since I left for Little Rock, Arkansas to attend a PAII (Professional Association of Innkeepers International). The conference was fantastic and I

Salty Chocolate…

I have an obsession.  It started last March when Danielle brought back some chocolates from Switzerland  that were infused with different flavors. Not just nuts, or coffee, or cinnamon.  Heavy

The Unpopular Breeds…

  We are animal lovers here at the Brampton Inn.  We have our adorable Slipper the cat-concierge, well known to many guests.  Michael and Danielle have Muffin and Charlie, the

A new twist on an old favorite

  “Zuzu’s petals!!!” Most people have a clear opinion about the film, It’s a Wonderful Life. Either you love it and can’t wait to see it every year during the

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

  It’s pretty quiet here at the Brampton Inn tonight.  No doubt most folks are busy travelling, or preparing for a big feast tomorrow.   Need  some last minute tips

B and Bs for Vets

  Some of our veteran guests enjoying each others’ company last year on Veteran’s Day here at the Brampton Inn… And by veteran, I don’t mean long time guests (though

A Colorful November

  It’s been a spectacular fall season, so far, here at the Brampton Inn.  The leaves are still hanging on, so there is plenty of color all around the house.

Fall…at the Brampton Inn

This is how one of the Sugar Maples in front of Brampton Inn looks today…I guess you would say this is peak season for “leaf peepers”. Having so many large

Porch Sittin’ Time…

  I don’t know if it’s Indian Summer or not, but whatever it is, I’ll take it: the weather is beautiful today and it reminds me of my favorite activity

Easy Focaccia Bread Recipe!

We haven’t shared a recipe in quite a while, so to remedy that, here is one recipe from Brampton Inn that can be altered lots of different ways…I served this

Just a picture we love…

I took this photo while standing on the porch of the Mulberry Cottage, looking straight ahead at the back of the carriage house that’s in front of the cottage here

Crab Feast on the Porch

This past weekend Brampton Inn hosted a traditional crab feast for guests who wanted to participate: 4 couples joined in on the pounding and cracking of the hard shelled crustacean

Color Coordination?

Have we gone a little overboard here or is this not the cutest thing ever… This morning’s fruit dish at Brampton Inn was a composed salad of super ripe mango

Fireflies on fire!

I wish there was a picture to go along with this post, but unfortunately, we don’t have any night vision lenses for the camera… Every June, there are 2 weeks

From the garden to the breakfast table

This lovely colander of fresh blueberries was hand picked on Monday evening, from the 2 bushes that Danielle planted almost 10 years ago here at Brampton Inn. They must like

Birding at the Brampton

Did you know that the Brampton Inn’s property has been named a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation? We certainly have what that takes… as our proudly displayed

Hanscom Girls home for the summer

Each has a room named for her: Simone’s Retreat and Sophie’s Suite.  The girls are home for the summer and Danielle wasted no time in putting them to work!  Here

Welcome Spring!

Yesterday, Sunday March 20th, was the official first day of spring–FINALLY!  And as always, it has come not a minute too soon.  The robins,  widely accepted as the first sign of

The Museums of Kent County

Did you know that Kent County is home to nine (9) museums?  And that you can visit all of them in one day??  Talk about getting your dose of culture…It’s

Location, location, location

One of the many nice things about living in this area is that it’s close to so many other places!  That may sound like a back-handed compliment, but it really

The Chesapeake Bay and other concerns

We have been thinking a lot about the impact our inn is having on the environment.                                                                                                                                                                            We have always composted every scrap of fruit, vegetable, grass clippings and all the

Holiday High Tea at the Brampton Inn

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can start thinking about the rest of the holiday season…and of course that means more food!!! The very popular Holiday High Tea is available

Jam Time at an Eastern Shore B&B

Even though the weather has turned cool and comfortable, our kitchen is still piping hot because of all the jam-making that’s been going on!  The last of the peaches and

Super Gardener to the rescue!!

Manick, our gardener extraordinaire, certainly had her work cut out for her this summer. Not only did she show up and work in the blistering heat, she never complained about

Art at the Inn

Brampton Bed and Breakfast is honored to be the only inn in the area where renowned painter Linda Hall hangs her watercolors. Recently, she brought in a collection of flower


This moth has it just about right:  stay very, very still and don’t do much of anything.  That seems to be the only way to deal with the relentless soaring

Wisteria Lane??

The early arrival of  hot weather around here cut into the flower-blooming season. It also hastened the formation of seed pods seen dangling from an ancient wisteria vine clinging to

Jam Muffins and July 4th at Brampton Inn

If you’re a fan of fireworks and outdoor events, then Kent County is the place to be on independence day!! On Friday the 2nd, enjoy the extended hours at the shops and galleries

Gluten Free living…

If you have made a reservation with us, then you know that we always ask if there are any food allergies or dietary restrictions that we should know about while


What a beautiful day!  And our everbearing strawberry plants are beginning to fruit: YUM!!!!

Busy times in May…

The middle of May is always a busy time for us here at the inn.  Washington College, a highly acclaimed liberal arts school, holds their graduation on the Sunday of

Taste of the Town III

Once again we are up to our elbows in brownie batter getting ready for the third annual Taste of Chestertown.  This year our daughter Simone and her friends will be

The votes are not all in yet, but….

…we think we know the winner of our coffee tasting.  NO SPOLERS here, though, the month is certainly not over yet.   It’s just that the overwhelming majority of people participating

The sounds of springtime

It was a beautiful weekend here at Brampton Inn.  The first really warm and sunny weekend we’ve had in a long time. Walking back to the inn after checking some


February was a snowy one to say the least. During that first storm, five couples decided to go ahead and join us despite the precarious predictions. Most of the snow

It’s a guy thing…

We thought you might be interested in this article from the New York Times about B&B’s and men.  Specifically, what I like to call the “wallpaper effect”: We would

A little history lesson…

One of the first things folks often ask when visiting Brampton is “How old is the house?” along with “What is the history of the place?”   Given that 2010 marks

Oatmeal Cookies, our January Recipe

2010 has blown into town with a lot of wind and cold temperatures, hasn’t it?  It’s the best weather for staying at Brampton, sitting in front of a fire and

A First at Brampton

Next year will mark the 23rd year of innkeeping for the Hanscoms.  That is a really long time. Really. Long. I think the national average is 7 years or thereabouts.

The unofficial start of summer?

Greetings and Happy Independence Day!! I know the official first day of summer is in June, but somehow, the 4th of July has always seemed a more definitive start to

Rain, rain go away!

It’s been a wet Spring to say the least in our neck of the woods. Although the garden is the most beautiful it has ever been we are looking forward

Foodies listen up!

Hooray to eight broads. 7 friends and I, all well seasoned innkeepers, have stepped into the 21st century and started our own website “bedandbreakfastfoodie” with it’s own blog about food;

Cheese Puffs–our May Recipe Share

Well, the month is almost over but we still have a recipe for you to try out.Carole has been making these cheese puffs forever and folks always want the recipe,

I declare summer officially here…

It’s Memorial Day weekend and Chestertown has been busy re-enacting the famous tea party of Boston fame. Saturday morning started out with a traditional Memorial Day parade to honor our

Almond Biscotti–our April Recipe Share

This month’s recipe is a favorite of Rita’s; and because we’ll be having biscotti at the Taste of Chestertown, we thought it was appropriate. Don’t forget: send in any recipes

Celebrate Spring on the Schooner Sultana

April’s First Friday celebration in downtown Chestertown will have something new this year: The Schooner Sultana celebrates “Up-Rigging” weekend for the first time ever with public events.  The festivities coincide

Spring has sprung (sort of)

Last weekend marked the first day of spring and we had a house full of guests here to celebrate it.  It’s a good thing our fireplace season lasts until April

March comes in like a lion!

Just when we thought spring was right around the corner, BAM, a March snowfall the likes of which we haven’t seen in quite a while. There was at least a

Guess whooo came to visit?

Thought you might enjoy this photo of a Barred Owl that was sitting in the great big maple tree out in front of the inn.   I was walking my dogs

Happy 2009!!

It’s a party The holidays have swept by once again and now all we have to do is  take down the decorations and the tree.  It always seems to take

Rita’s Linzer Cookies

Linzer Cookies   3 sticks sweet, unsalted butter, room temperature 1 ½ cups confectioner’s sugar, sifted 3 large eggs ½ teaspoon real vanilla extract 1 ½ pounds ground almonds (or hazelnuts,

That time of the year…again!?!

How is it possible that our last post was in October??  It seems to me that there is a kind of time-warp that goes on around this time of the

Colorful Autumn

The color of the leaves couldn’t possibly be more brilliant than they are right now. It never seizes to amaze me how spectacular the fall is on the Eastern Shore.

The Hanscoms have done it again!

You may remember back in March, we were very excited about the unveiling of the newest project here at the Brampton, the Mulberry Cottage.  Well, her twin sister was finished

Splendid Spring

Spring is certainly one of the most spectacular times at the inn. The porch furniture is back in its place, ready for our guests to relax, listen to the birds

Bring a mag, get a mug!!

Hello everyone, You may have seen the National Geographic Traveler’s Stay List icon on our home page.  We are very excited and honored to have been included in their list

Happy Spring to Everyone!

It seems March is intent on going out like a lion this year; the first day of spring is bright and sunny but cold and blustery, too!  The forecast even

Homemade Marshmallow

Just in case you won’t be able to make it down to the inn soon here is our marshmallow recipe to try at home.  Marshmallows Recipe Ingredients:3½   envelopes of Knox

February 21, 2008

Hello past, current and future guests and welcome to our brand new blog, This is a great way to keep you informed about news and recipes from the inn. I don’t